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About Vibrational Sound Therapy



Sound Healing

*Sound plays an important role in supporting our mind, body, and spirit.  Long ago our Ancestors recognized that sound and vibration could be used to balance and heal our energy centers.

         Singing bowls are a type of Sound Therapy

*Quartz Singing Bowls combine the energy of quartz and sound

*Our bodies has a geometric crystalline structure.  This is why our bodies resonate with the frequencies of the quartz bowls.  Different notes from the bowls have the ability to open, heal, balance, and align our chakras.

*Our bodies also have a similarity to quartz.  Molecularly speaking, our cells contain Silica which balances our electromagnetic energies. It is the building block of collagen in our bodies. The quartz bowls also contain Silica.  Which is why they are helpful with inflammation.  The sounds can stimulate circulation and the immune system. 

*Singing bowls can penetrate every dimension of our body and soul, flowing through us like a wave, giving us a relaxation as if we’ve gotten a great massage or had a great meditation session.


     Tuning Forks are a type of Vibrational Therapy

*When struck, it offers healing frequencies.  Tuning Forks create a “pure sound” with a specific amount of vibrations per second.  They also create a Pure Tone, which is a waveform of a single frequency, a tone without harmonics.  It is the building block of all sound

*Tuning Forks and their vibrations interact with the air surrounding it.  This process is what creates sound.

*Tuning Forks sustain their vibrations for long periods of time.  This is helpful in stimulating the body’s energy flow. 

*The Vibration help people tune in to their own natural rhythms and inner wisdom through energy work.  We also use them for balancing, aligning, clearing and healing chakras and for targeting specific points in the body or areas of pain.  Many report feeling more centered or grounded after the Tuning Fork Therapy.

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