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Hi! My name is Michelle and I am a Vibrational Sound Therapist.  The use of sound to treat illness, to calm the body, mind and spirit has been around for centuries.  Sound energy (vibration) is transferred from the source to every cell in the human body.  Couple this with the healing power of Quartz Crystal and add in the healing power of Tuning Forks and Meditation, creates a complete immersive healing experience.  Borealis Sound Wellness provides this healing experience so you can enjoy greater health and wellness, joy, abundance, and anything you set your intention on.


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Mar 20, 2023

I had an hour session with Michelle. What I experienced during and after was truly amazing. Before the session I needed to work on my crown|throat|root chakra. During my sound bath session, I experienced releasing of my emotions I was unaware I still had to deal with head on. The sound frequency hit & released everywhere I had stuck emotions & unwanted thoughts. I experienced the release of fear of not feeling good enough for anyone. I have been on a path of real self love & knowing that my thoughts & my feelings are valid. I am enough & if anyone doesn't see that, that is on them. I was able to release self doubt that I know I am who I am and I am ok with that, I am perfect in my own lil way! Releasing the feeling of being ashamed. When I was younger, I always felt very horrible if someone was mad at me or didn't like something I did. During the sound bath I was aware that I was only a scared lil girl. Again, if someone is mad at me & I have corrected my wrong doings & anyone was still upset or I thought they were, it is on them. Their problems, are their problems, my problems are my problems. When Michelle was using the crown chakra singing bowl with having unwanted thoughts Michelle was able to clear the chatter in my head. My mind, my thoughts NEEDED that sound frequency so BADLY. During the sound bath I had feeling of anger from my throat down my chest and sat in my stomach all my anger was able to release. I felt it explode & gave me a great release through my solar plexus. This is a HUGE deal for me. My hostility that sometimes can be explosive has been released & now I know what chakras need more work. I recommend Michelle & her sound frequency to ANYONE that likes to take care of themselves. Anyone with feeling of stuck emotions & just need an internal release/reset book a session soon with Michelle. You will be very satisfied



Saturday - Sunday

10:00 AM- 4:30 PM


50203 Bush Gardens Ave, Kasilof, AK 99610

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